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World Hepatitis Day 2016

Hong Kong Press Conference July 27th, 2011


Malaysian World Hepatitis Day at the Malaysian Pelita Art Gallery


Interns doing outreach on World Hepatitis Day


Sunshine volunteers


Asian Liver Center activities in San Francisco


Join Jade Photo from Team HBV


Asian Liver Center activities in Beijing


World Hepatitis Day 2012 Social Media

World Hepatitis Day 2016 

The theme for this year’s global campaign is ELIMINATION. At the World Health Assembly in May, WHO Member States set to adopt the first ever Elimination Strategy for Viral Hepatitis, with ambitious targets and a goal to eliminate hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030. This will be the first time national governments sign up and commit to the goal of eliminating viral hepatitis.

For more information about World Hepatitis Day 2016, please visit the official World Hepatitis Day 2016 website


At the 63rd World Health Assembly in May 2010, the World Health Organization approved resolution WHA63.R18 that established World Hepatitis Day as an officially sanctioned hepatitis awareness day.  World Hepatitis Day is an annual event that provides international focus for patient groups and people living with hepatitis B and C; it is an opportunity around which interested groups can build knowledge and influence real change in disease prevention and access to testing and treatment; and it provides an opportunity to raise public awareness about viral hepatitis and focus attention on what can effectively be done for its prevention and control.

The Western Pacific Region (WPRO) was the first of the six WHO regions to set a deadline for the reduction of hepatitis B infection rates in children through vaccination. The Region accounts for half of the world’s hepatitis B cases but is home to only a third of the world’s population.

The WHO headquarters released information on World Hepatitis Day in six different languages and sent them to all regional offices for further distribution.

World Health Organization, Geneva

July 27 – United States President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation in light of World Hepatitis Day, calling for “citizens, Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and communities across the Nation to join in activities that will increase awareness about hepatitis and what we can do to prevent it.” For the complete text of the proclamation, please click here.

Presidential proclamation from the White House, United States

July 21, 2pm EST– Associate Director for Global Health, Dr. Francisco Averhoff participated in a live Twitterview and chat with@CDCNPIN. Dr. Averhoff discussed the global burden of viral hepatitis, the importance of World Hepatitis Day, and also what others can do to help spread the word.


July 28, 2pm EST – The Asian Health Coalition, a grantee of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), participated in a Twitterview with @CDCNPIN.


July 28 – CDC partnered with WHO in calling for a renewed commitment against the silent epidemic of hepatitis. In the United States, World Hepatitis Day will be observed at a White House event. Please click here to access live streaming video coverage of the event, starting at 1:00 PM EDT, July 28.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, United States

Join Jade is a movement initiated by the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University to empower individuals and communities to eliminate viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis B. The Video Contest and the Photo Contest aim to unite people across the country around this Join Jade message.

  • World Hepatitis Day Video Contest – Congratulations to the 2011 Video Contest winners, Joshua Lu (60 seconds or less category) andAndrew Soriano (61-120 seconds category)! Their videos are posted below. (Please visit the Video Contest Website for a complete list of of finalists and their videos.)




July 28 – The 2011 summer college interns at the Asian Liver Center coordinated an outreach event on University Avenue in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, California. Dressed in Team HBV and Jade Ribbon Campaign apparel, the interns distributed hepatitis B information brochures, flyers, and prizes to passersby.​

Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, United States

July 23 – The Sunshine Volunteers from Fudan University in Shanghai set up a community health booth and distributed hepatitis B informational brochures and balloons to members of the Xidu community. On July 28, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in various Shanghai districts hosted other events to honor World Hepatitis Day.

Sunshine Volunteers at Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Hong Kong Hep B Free Foundation, Hong Kong

July 1 – World Hepatitis Day posters were officially launched in Hong Kong metro stations.

July 5-11 – Surveys were conducted in the ShaTian and QuanWan Plazas. Participants received booklets on hepatitis B and hand bags advertising World Hepatitis Day.

July 18-28 – 30-second Public service audio announcements were featured on the Hong Kong Business radio station 50 times a day.

July 27 – A press conference was held at the Kowloon Hotel, attended by the Hong Kong Department of Health and Dr. Yvan Hutin, a representative of WHO China.

July 28 – World Hepatitis Day was advertised in well-known newspapers and magazines.

July 28 – A flash mob took place from 7:28 – 7:35 pm in Tong Luo Wan. Activities included breakdancing and a jade-colored umbrella mass demonstration.

The APAVH China website launched an animation in Chinese on “Demystifying Hepatitis B” as a part of the World Hepatitis Day celebrations in China, featuring on popular Chinese websites. Additionally, residents in China who correctly answered an 8-question quiz on hepatitis B were entered into a drawing to win an iPad 2. Through this incentive, the goal is to spread awareness of hepatitis B and to eliminate the stigma associated with this disease.

APAVH, China

June 19 – The Malaysia Campaign on World Hepatitis Day partnered with the “Being There” photo exhibition at the Malaysian Pelita Art Gallery to spread awareness of viral hepatitis through the arts. A large crowd filled the gallery to celebrate this special day and to enjoy a unique mix of portraits, light painting, fine art and documentary-style photography.

Malaysian Campaign on World Hepatitis Day, Malaysia

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